Keeper Sports Stand Up Paddle Board (CBC) Reviews

Keeper Sports Stand up Paddle Board

Keeper Sports Stand up Paddle Board has many beautiful features that make it a pleasure to own and use. This 10'6" Stand up paddle board arrives with an adjustable SUP paddle, surf leash, neoprene padded ankle strap, roof shield, and instantaneous padded roof racks.

If you are searching for a good entry level stand up paddle board that has an excellent low price without sacrificing quality, then look no further than this top rated Keeper Sports rigid stand-up paddle board.

With this board, you are getting what you spend for. This is not necessarily a bad thing it is just important to understand that this is a lower end board designed for the beginner, one who is just getting into the sport or somebody on a budget.

The board made of High-Density EPS foam which is how they can make a large SUP at such an attractive price. In most cases, this is an economy board with standard performance and construction, but it is necessary to own these boards on the market to permit anybody who wants to perform Stand-up Paddle Boarding a chance to go out on the water.

Not only will you have what you require getting out onto the water on your board, but you'll also have what you need to transport them to your destinations as well.

Before promoting this product, we have done research regarding the Stand Up Paddle Board available in the market. The research team analyzed the customer reviews of various marketplaces and the opinion SUP boarding professionals regarding the merits and demerits of the SUP boarding.

After the conclusion of the analyzing, the research team found the Stand-Up Paddle Board Set (10-Feet 6) more famous to the general customers and SUP boarding professionals for its extraordinary work delivery.

Keeper Sports Stand up Paddle Board

If you want to get an incredible performance by paddle boarding, you will, of course, depend on this innovative SUP board. I love it very much, when did the Research.

Top Features of this Keeper Sports Stand up Paddle Board

    • High-Density EPS Foam
    • 100% Waterproof core
    • Molded in laminated wood stringers
    • Tri-fin system
    • HD Polyethylene slick bottom

This SUP board is made up of multi-layered laminated wood stringers that covered with a waterproof resin.

The center is high density, heat laminated, 100% watertight EPS, so this board is firm and long-lasting too. Offering 30 days warranty on this paddle board in the case of any problem in performance.

Nearly 25 lbs are weighed by keeper sports sup board and can contain up to 300 lbs weight. It features tri-fin method and glides along the water simply gratefulness to the HD polyethylene slick bottom that makes paddle boarding a pure entertainment.

What did Customer say About This?

A product can judge only when the users talk about their experience of using this. We know that well, every product could not be the best for me. So, you have to gather your SUP board based as per your requirements. The Keeper Sports Stand up Paddle Board is liked by the user because it works great and tracks greats as well as beautiful and very manageable especially.

I also observed the overall customer review at Amazon is positive except some few niggling points.

A user named Simon commented about the price and Word of caution. Here are few words from him,

“It is not the lightest of boards, but it does the job for a beginner. To get it with a paddle and roof rack straps at this price is great. Word of caution when using the straps secure them well!.”

A user named Maria Jane French said “Lightweight and easy to move. My kid's age 12, 11, and 8 are having the ball with it. Perfect for our needs.”

Another customer Ishkabible said “ I'm 78 years old, and when I'm on this board I feel like a kid. Even though this board is light weight, it tracks great (even upstream against the current).”

Some negative impression also found in some customers opinion. One of them said like this “It was way to small for my king bed.”

A user named JMatthews said, “Board is excellent but the fin, which is held on by one screw, fell off while in the water on the second day that we used it. It is someone where in the Atlantic. It should have a better fastening system.“

The happy customers found their requirements perfectly, and they are quite satisfied with their paddle board. Some of them recommend Keeper Sports Stand up Paddle Board to others to grab for its strength and durability.

FAQ about Keeper sports stand up paddle board:

Que: Is this a tri fin board or single only? Does it have the slots to hold 3 fins even if the package only comes with one fin?

Ans: It has only one fin and no extra slots--very stable with one fin.

Que: Is this a package deal with a paddle, leash, and rack?

Ans: Yes, it has a nice paddle, leash, and basic roof rack.

Que: is this board durable enough to use at the beach just beyond the waves and surf a wave into shore and repeat? I am 62" and weigh 230 lbs.

Ans: It is durable enough to be used in the ocean or a bay as a paddle board. It is not a surfboard, and I don't think it should be used to "surf a wave into shore."

Que: What is the weight limit for this board?

Ans: I'm 235, and it floats me so...

Final Verdict

You will own everything you require in this set to get out onto the water and start enjoying it. Even if you’ve never tried to stand up paddle boarding already, you’ll be glad you purchased Keeper Sports Stand up Paddle Board set and will appreciate this unique and invigorating sport and also enjoy the advantages it presents to your cardiovascular system and the rest of your body also!

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