BIC Sport DURA-TEC paddle board Reviews

BIC sport DURA-TEC paddle board
BIC Sport DURA-TEC Original Stand up Paddleboard

The BIC sport DURA-TEC paddle board is an excellent selection when it comes to long durable and sporting paddle boards. You will experience all the fun with features with this board, such as its quality material and ergonomic design. This paddle board is perfect for all its size. It’s also a lightweight, price-worthy and looks cool too. You will not go to find the second match like this one.

Hence, our in-house specialize team recommends it. Besides, our team is devoted to research on paddle board available in the market and selects some particular from it. After quite a research and analyzing lots of data about paddle board, the team has found the Bic sport DURA-Tec paddle board is quite useful for the sup boarding.

So, we hope the research may help you in deciding on buying an ideal paddleboard for yourself. That’s why we are going share all the details about the paddle board.

Features of the BIC sport DURA-TEC paddle board

The Bic Sport paddle board is the best board for those who want to have a sporty and efficient stand-up paddle board. Some great features of this paddle board are here under.

Large fin

One of the most major features of this paddle board is its 10 inches dolphin fin with leash plug and deck rigging anchors, which effective for sup paddle. This long and large fin are useful to swim, drive between the waves.

Made with the high external material

BIC sport DURA-TEC paddle board is a full of strength to fight with, heat, pressure, sharpen materials. It's incredibly durable material won’t scuff or tear any of extreme use. Its polyethylene construction makes it much strong, light and safe compare than any other paddle board.

Useful accessories

This board includes an ergonomic carry handle, which will make the transportation of the board quite easy. You can easily move it near and there without any hassle. Also, the board comes with a broad range of size and weight. So anybody can pick a perfect one from this range for sup paddle.

Features at a glance

    • Smart and ergonomic design
    • lightweight and sleek
    • Incredibly durable and rigid
    • Includes 10 inches large beautiful
    • Made with durable and strong polyethylene material
    • Includes with leash plug and deck rigging anchors
    • Affordable in price
    • Comes with full range of variations

Advantages of the BIC Spot DURA-TEC Paddle Board

  • It's sleek but sturdy paddle board which is not only easy to handle but also robust enough to carry maximum weight. It designs perfectly and gives you the facility to smooth sup paddle.
  • This paddleboard material is with polyethylene, so the board becomes very light in weight and easy to handle. It is adamant so usually getting tear and scratch it performs for a long time.
  • It also comes a carry handle. This ergonomic feature also made easy of the carriage of the board during the sup paddling.

The negative aspect of the BIC sport DURA-TEC paddle board

It may be bit uneasy to transport. Because it’s not like other deflates paddle board. Otherwise, it is a good product to use.

What did Customer say About the Board?

The BIC sport DURA-TEC paddle board can work as like you want. Once you have started to use this, then you will understand why all the customers of this board share all those happy experiences.

One customer name Lauren Jennet said, “It’s a great paddle board which comes with all useful features. Hence, I have been using this a very long time, and it’s also a useful board with a high price.”

However, our next experience quote comes for Steve. And he says,

“No complain about this product. It has all that I wanted for my stand up paddle board. I enjoy it during the surfing.”

Another customer Blim W. said “This one is perfect for all my size and weight. Furthermore, it’s very smooth and easy to carry. After all, it makes my sup paddling easier”.

Bottom Line

In summary, the Bic sport DURA-TEC original stand up board is a high-class board that is bound to imprint with its amazing features. It’s a long-lasting sturdy board and works great during the sup paddling. But, it is not a thick board to you can carry easily with its carrying handle.

Besides, it's great removable fin gives you extra freedom to paddle over the high wave and has all fun of sup paddling. In conclusion, this cost effective stand-up paddle board is suitable for using all type and all age of users.

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