Best Jobe Inflatable SUP Stand-Up Paddleboard Review

Best Jobe Inflatable SUP Paddleboard

Jobe Inflatable SUP Paddleboard is one of the best inflatable paddleboard available in the market. The company specially designed the board with D-ring ankle leash and EVA anti-slip pad. With this SUP, you will feel free to controlling the board and get all the fun of paddling on the lake, river, and ocean.

You will also have a pressure pump with gauge, a repair kit and a carrying bag pack which is made by the waterproof tarpaulin. Jobe SUP Inflatable Paddleboard Ankle Leash facility makes it extraordinary from all the ordinary paddleboard.

Hence, our in-house specialize team has highly recommended this unique paddleboard. Besides, our team fully dedicated to research and analysis all the existing SUP board on the market and select some useful from you. And our team has been found this Jobe inflatable SUP is useful paddleboard from others.

We hope you will find our research helpful and decide yourself an ideal paddleboard for your upcoming adventure. So now here we are going to share all of the information about this unique paddleboard.

Features of Jobe Inflatable SUP Paddleboard

The Jobe inflatable sup Paddleboard is compatible with all type of skilled people. This paddleboard also contains with many amazing features which are bellow.

Three sections paddle-Adjustable

Three adjustable part of paddle includes with the paddleboard SUP which offers you a great opportunity of water paddling with full control. Also, you don’t have to keep yourself any extra paddle for further use. It’s a long-lasting ergonomic paddle which can make smooth your paddling even more.

Unique D-ring ankle leash

D-ring ankle strap design and EVA anti-slip pad of the Jobe SUP Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard will help you to make a grip on the board and save from slipping. So become wet and fear of moving from the board, not a problem anymore.

A high-pressure hand pumps with gauge

This inflatable board comes with a high-pressure hand pump for inflating the paddleboard. It’s very effective to raise the board within few minute. It’s also small in size and light in weight. So now you have just to keep your deflate board and the hand pump on bag pack for getting an instant perfectly inflatable board while you are traveling.

Features at a glance

    • It offers you various size of board to suit your needs
    • Very light weight
    • Special D-ring for preventing ankle leash
    • Haley Roberts valve for controlling the air
    • Webbing carrying handle for easy carrying
    • Contain with three detachable fin
    • EVA anti-slip pad for proper safety.
    • Adjustable three section paddle
    • Enough space for paddling
    • Smart ergonomic design
    • Comes with high-pressure hand pump with gauge
    • Repair kit for emergency repairing
    • A tarpaulin made waterproof
    • Easy to carry
    • Affordable price
    • Carrying bag pack

Advantages of the Jobe Inflatable SUP Paddleboard

This Jobe inflatable sup Paddleboard is board perfect for all type of people. Hence, you can choose a perfect one from its size variations. It offers you excellent control and grip on all kind of water adventure. Its existing detachable fins, adjustable paddle and EVA anti-slip pad provide you full facility to full service of a SUP.

So your water paddling becomes more smooth and flexible and most importantly, safe. You will carry your paddleboard on a waterproof tarpaulin bag so quickly. Also, it’s provided hand pump and repair kit helps you to inflate the Board and proper maintenance.

The negative aspect

The board is suitable for all, and its features will give a vast opportunity of good water paddling. The hand pump of the paddleboard may cause littlie hazard sometimes when you inflate it. You can loosen or tighten the screw to get rid of this problem. Otherwise, it’s perfect from all of the sides. Littlie hazard sometimes when you inflate it. You can loosen or tighten the screw to get rid of this problem. Otherwise, it’s perfect from all of the sides.

What did Customer say About the Board?

The Jobe inflatable sup Paddleboard is a great option for water paddle adventure. You will not find another match like this paddleboard.

A customer name Tim Mosteller said, “It a perfect SUP I have ever used. It is very useful and well manageable. My favorite thing about this paddleboard is it has enough space for my dog.”

Another customer named Juan Mandarano. She said, “It is a great quality product. It gives good grip while paddling.”

Last but not least review of this article. The customer name is Richie Skill. He said, “This is a great creation of Jobe family. I found it as a stable and comfortable SUP, and I think its money worth product.”

Bottom Line

Finally, the Jobe Inflatable SUP Paddleboard is a great quality product which is suitable for all type of people. It is very light weight, reliable and capable SUP for use. You can carry it with its webbing handle anywhere on inflatable condition.

Moreover, you will take the deflate board and other accessories on the tarpaulin bag so quickly. It has enough space for carrying your pet also. Additionally, this standup paddleboard SUP brings a full package of fun and effectiveness.

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