How To Choose The Best Paddle Boards In 2017: Reviews & Ultimate Buying Guide

best paddle boards

Surfing is one of the fast growing water sports of all age of people. We are providing the best paddle boards for the better surfing. An excellent paddle board plays a vital role for the safe surfing. Besides, it will be more, when it is cheap paddleboards with quality. Nevertheless, it’s a combination of kayaking and surfing.

This sport is fundamentally standing on the surfboard and using a paddle to propel you with the board. This board is longer, wider and more buoyant than traditional surfboards. It enables a surfer balance comfortably the board. It’s a huge option for fun or exercise.

But when it comes to choosing right stand up best paddle boards, it's enough to off one's feet from huge variations of SUP. Just with the right amount of knowledge about the SUPs, you will able to make your decision confidently and pretty quickly for sure.

Once you have decided to buy a board the next option is to select a proper board type for ideal water condition and what kind of water sports will do on this board. Now select something which can suitable to bear your weight. The rest levels are easy to do. You can choose solid or inflatable boards with the accessories. There are many well-reputed manufacturers provide best paddle boards in reasonable price.

Types of SUP best paddle boards

Paddleboards found on the market can be of the various types. Paddleboards categorization are five best classes. Including,

Surf style

It’s a narrow lightweight SUP which is ideal for surfing. Has a pointed nose like boats, moreover, helps to slide on water easily. It works great on flat water too.

All around

These boards are usually thicker, longer and wider than other specific models. These boards are suitable for beginners, allows more stability, and you can use it for all purpose use too. It’s busy for gliding and tracking for flat water paddling or open water touring. It is also suitable for surf performance because of its enough rockers and side-cut. A special option named windsurf option is available on some all around paddle boards, although a foot fitting included on the best paddle boards. It helps windsurf sailing ring can be mounted. It makes the all around board more flexible.


Inflatable paddleboards are great from the others best paddle boards for easy transportation. Some a bit confused or afraid of drowning or not working this board likes other standup board. But it is not happening. These boards manufactured from layered PVC plastic with woven fibers connecting to the top and bottom of the board.

Once inflates the board it becomes extremely rigid. Infallible paddleboards are lighter than other solid boards because they are mostly filled with air. Inflatable paddleboards are easy to inflate and deflate also.


This board is also known as a displacement hull. They are good for the race and touring because of their narrow shape and pointed nose. These facilities allow the board to slice through the water and give a smooth glide and faster speed. This board is much narrow than other board and including more forward displacement hull.


These boards are the Best paddle boards for yoga because of its incredible stability on the water. For yoga, you need a stable and wide range of board which can give security for a long time. These types of boards are also suitable for paddling on flat water for a long time.

Our Recommended Top Five Paddle Board

We have short-listed some of the SUP to make your selection process easier. These are five different but cheap paddle boards chosen from all the category of best paddle boards. They are manufactured from the finest material and all they have many futuristic prominences. We have brought both robust and inflatable boats so that you can choose the best paddle board as your need, of course in reasonable price. But at first, let’s know all the category of standup paddleboard.

1. Ten Toes WEEKENDER 10-Feet Inflatable Standup Paddleboard SUP

This paddleboard is suitable for the people of all skill levels. Everybody can use the Ten Toes iSUP Inflatable Standup best paddle boards and can enjoy the blast of water adventure.

Ten Toes WEEKENDER 10-Feet Inflatable Standup Paddleboard SUP

It can be easily carried anywhere with all its accessories like three fins; three adjustable aluminum made the paddle and a repair kit.

All they are made with quality material, so they are lightweight and durable for a long time. It comes with a one year warranty too.

Ten Toes iSUP Inflatable Standup Paddleboard is versatile paddleboard compare than others. It’s made with military grade PVC which is indestructible.

It’s come with huge color range and size. It is a large size stable paddleboard which is ideal for yoga.

The manual pump of the paddleboard may give trouble a little. It is a bit hard to pumping with the pump, so you have to spend a lot of energy to inflate the board to reach its greatest level.

The company recommends 151 lbs is perfect for raising the board. But if you need, you can higher the limit. The pump is easy enough for reaching this level but if you require you can go higher.

Ten Toes WEEKENDER 10-Feet Inflatable Standup Paddleboard SUP

2. Red Paddle Co 10'6" Ride Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

The red inflatable sup paddle board is an excellent option for all water adventures. This extra thick paddle board also comes with a repair kit, dolphin fin with leash plug and deck rigging anchors and a smart looking backpack. It’s made with military grade material, so it will be used roughly or but you want.

These best paddle boards come with a standup pump with a pressure gauge. These boards are lightweight, easy to carry.

It also includes some useful accessories like the repair kit and large adjustable fins. This board doesn’t come with any paddle, so you have to buy paddles for yourself.

But compare with the quality of this product, it will be definite the first choice for all users. So buying spare paddles will not cost too much.

Red Paddle Co 10'6

3. Aqua Marina Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddle Board

Aqua Marina Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddle Board

This paddleboard is one of the long lasting and cheap paddle boards for all. Aqua Marina Inflatable SUP Board is the perfect option for water craze.

It’s easy to carry, large and contains with elastic bungee cords and 7D rings. So it can be easily fixed with a small cargo or tie a sail for more balance and speed.

These best paddle boards are made with PVC material with drop-stitch construction, so it becomes more robust and thick compares then other paddleboards.

Moreover, it comes with adjustable aluminum paddle, repair kit, starter pump, and fins for extraordinary service. A tiny string comes with the board for locking the spine.

The D-ring doesn't perform well sometimes. So carefully check when you are going for shutting the fin.

Aqua Marina Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddle Board

4. Jobe Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard SUP, 6" thick, with Pump, Paddle & Repair Kit

It's one of the splendid paddleboards which can bet others. Jobe inflatable standup paddleboard is designed with D-ring ankle leash and anti-slip pad.

It is a well manageable paddleboard for all kinds of people. The outside of the paddleboard made of waterproof tarpaulin. It included with a pressure pump with gauge and detachable fins. Also, it comes with a huge range of color and size variations.

This paddleboard got 3.8 stars in average out of 5 stars from Amazon customers. This paddleboard can be quickly inflated and deflate so carrying in anywhere is not a problem anymore. Its Halkey Roberts valve is best for air controlling, and its webbing carrying handle is for easy carrying.

Jobe Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard SUP

With all those features it comes with a stylish handbag too. The price of the board is a bit too high. But with the entire extreme feature, the price is not too huge for who know the value of a whole stand-up board.

5. BIC Sport DURA-TEC Original Stand up Paddleboard

BIC Sport DURA-TEC Original Stand up Paddleboard

This inflatable SUP is made with quality material and ergonomic design. The BIC sports DURA-TEC Paddle Board is perfect for all kinds of skill level people.

It’s sufficient for its high external materials and its useful accessories. The board has 10 inches long and large dolphin fins with leash plug.

It also contains with deck rigging anchors which essential for SUP paddling. It can easily fight with any rough condition and stay as new for a long time.

This lightweight paddleboard includes a carry handle for easy transport and its large fin also help to maintain the balance during the paddling.

It’s made with durable polyethylene material, so it is water resistant and can survive in any rough situations.

It also comes with full range of variations. No paddle included with the board. You just have to buy an extra paddle for paddling.

BIC Sport DURA-TEC Original Stand up Paddleboard

You can find all those standup paddleboards on any local sports market of the shop. Also, you can order them from online. Many well reputed online stores like Amazon, eBay can provide these products at low price. Sometimes they offer customers many discount rates during special occasions. All they are reliable, customer friendly and fast service provider.

Buying all the products including the paddleboards from Amazon is good. It offers you all the description, manufacturer details, returning conditions and warranty details about a product. You can compare a product from thousand of options. So get a best and good product shop with Amazon.

Things to consider before buying

Before buying anything, you should find something important elements. Stand up best paddle boards are not an exception from this condition. Here we are going to show some important fact before buying a paddleboard, so you can be sure where you are going to spend your time and money.


Before choosing a SUP, you should consider about the Hull. Hull plays a significant role in determining how the paddle board works well in water. Hull means the body of a paddleboard. It has two types. 1. Planning and 2. Displacement.

Planning Hull

Planning is the best for them, who wants to do everything on board. Means it is suitable for multipurpose use. This hull is full and flat quite like a surfboard. It specially designed for to ride on the top of the water. On ocean waves, it performs great too as like the flat water. Many beginners start with this planning hull. This board is stable and versatile for spare time surfing and paddling.

Displacement Hull

If you like to race, then this hull is best for racing and long distance paddling. It quite looks like canoe or kayak. It has pointed nose or bow on the front end of the SUP. A displacement hull improves the efficiency of paddling by pushing the water around the nose to the side. The displacement hulls are quite longer and narrower than Planing hulls. That’s why it can perform faster during racing.

Sup Volume and Weight Capacity

The best paddle boards work for your size and weight. It cannot displace or move the right amount of water of your weight it will drown. So SUP volume and weight capacity are important factors to consider before buying it.


The volume gives a sign of the board ability to float with weight on it, so as much higher the volume it could be bear more weight. A small or short board can have enough volume if it is broad and thick enough. Same as a long and large board have low volume if it is thin and narrow. So if you are 200 Lbs, then you will need a high volume board.

Weight Capacity

Every paddleboard has a fixed weight capacity. But most of them can bear pretty good weight compare then its size. Knowing weight capacity of a board is an important cause if you are too heavy on the board it will ride lower in the water and hard to be a paddle.

SUP Length

The length of the SUP is also necessary for paddling. Different place of riding like the ocean, calm lack or river water can need a different length of SUP. Here given some range of board details.

Short Board

Under 9'- It’s ideal for surfing. This board specially designed for the kids.

Medium Board

9' to 12' It is ideal for all-around use on the calm lake.

Long Boards

12'.5" to 14'- This type of board is perfect for racing. They are faster than medium and short boards. If you are want to buy a board for racing or long touring then, a long board can provide you the best service.

SUP Width

Board width is also an important element to consider. SUP can be width up to 36 inches wide with various kind of body type.

Wide board

This board is around 36" larger. Some specials can max 36 inches. These are more stable than the narrow board. Moreover, they are easier to stand up on pace. But they are not faster than the thin board.

Flat Boards

This board can be 29" to 30" wide. These boards are not stable as the larger board, but they can perform faster paddling.

SUP Core Materials

There is many SUP can be found which is made with EPS foam, hollow core, polyethylene foam or inflatable. These are the core materials. First, three one is a bit standard and heavier than inflatable SUP. Inflatable SUP is light in weight in both conditions. It is also durable and easy to carry and store but little pricey.

SUP Fins

Fins add stability and tracking. So is important to choose the right fins. If you use your SUP on flat water, then choose 3-fin. If you want to use it downwind runs then choose race fins. Race fins available in size 9" to 12". Also there are two more types of fin available for SUP, the large and inflatable SUP’s fin. Large single fin is placed on a fin-box with nuts a screw. It works for slid back and forth in a SUP.

Fins for inflatable are either rubber fins attached with the board or semi-rigid detachable fins.

SUP Accessories

To fully enjoy your paddleboard you need some few more key pieces of equipment. There are,


SUP paddle is different from the usual paddle. It has an angle or “elbow” in the shaft. It gives it most efficiency for paddling. Select those paddle which taller than you. Some companies recommended above taller paddles.

Personal Floatation Device

Wearing of Personal floatation device or PFD is essential. Using of stand up paddleboards as vessels are classified from the US when Cost Guard. It used outside the narrow limits of surfing and swimming. The rules also must carryings safety whistle. And if you are paddling after sunset has a waterproof torchlight.

Proper Clothing

Wear a wetsuit or dry suit if its concern of hypothermia. If it’s average or middle condition, wear T-shirt or bathing suit. It will help you move and get wet.


It sold separately, but some of the company provides these best paddle boards with the SUP. It tethers your SUP and keeps close to you. SUP is a large floatable device. So it needs to attach for your safety. There are many leashes designed for surf, flat water, and rivers especially. It helps you to connect with the board if you accidentally fall off the water. Just be sure to buy the appropriate one for your need.

Car Rack

Like the inflatable board, you can’t transport your not- inflatable board in your backpack or car. So you need a way to carry your board. Some special Sup is designed to go on the crossbars of your roof rack. Also, you can use padding like foam blocks or utility straps to secure the board to the top of your car.

Final Word

Thus, you may find a different type of stand up best paddle boards on the market which may cost little for the cheap paddle boards. All they have provided from various manufacturers both reputed and non-reputed. They have many colors, design, shapes and features.

From all the enormous options it’s hard to select a right one. So this solves this dilemma research as much you can. See in online- details about the product. Read the customer reviews, see the rating also. If possible find some real person, who has any real experience of using SUPs. Moreover, focus on its quality, size, and features.

All the paddleboards are not same for working. There all individual for their size, shape, and features. If you wish for a large paddle board which has enough space for dog room. Then choose the large paddle board. Although, many paddle boards are with military grade construction materials. It helps to face them all kind of situations and survive more on a long run.

Other plastic made SUP which has foam inside- also good for paddling. But they not may run for long. There is a huge difference on inflatable board and other non-inflatable board. Inflatables are comfortable to carry and lightweight. You just have to the role the deflate SUP and put it on a bag-pack. But you never get this facility from the other SUP. Also, some SUP doesn’t contain with 7D rings which are important to tie the sail for speed up and balance the SUP.

All this fact will help you to choose a useful and best paddle board for your water adventure. So what do you for expecting? Get one and be ready to explore a new world of fun.